Banking on Family

As they celebrate milestone anniversaries working at NB|AZ, longtime employees share words of wisdom about their careers at the bank, what they’ve learned and the people who’ve guided them along the way.

15 years

Craig Robb“Within a big family, a family member can strive for creativity and innovation, knowing that the family will continue to be supportive as the new idea is launched. At National Bank of Arizona, I can be creative and innovative and know that I will have the support of my team members, as exhibited with the start-up of Zions Energy Link.”

Craig Robb
Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Zions Energy Link


22 years

David Lyons“When I started at the bank, I had senior people, such as John Gisi and Jim Lee, who pushed me to speak up at times and be quiet at other times. I appreciated those encouraging moments and try very hard to foster those same discussions with people that I work with. Nothing quite like a ‘family’ discussion to let everybody say what’s on their mind, and then get back to work helping our clients. My greatest pleasure is helping people achieve promotions and move to higher positions within the bank throughout their career.”

David Lyons
Executive Vice President, Director of Southern Arizona

11 years

Laura Schaeffer“One of my favorite sayings is that people don’t work for companies, they work for people. Associates want to work for leaders who care about them as people, with lives and families outside the office. Working for NB|AZ is like a family. When a colleague encounters a personal life challenge, co-workers rally to support them. NB|AZ is a great place to work because we get to work with people that we genuinely like and care for as human beings.”

Laura Schaeffer
Executive Vice President, Director of Operations & Technology

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