K2 Adventures Foundation Paves Path for Hikers with Disabilities

As co-volunteers Kristen Sandquist and Kevin Cherilla hiked their way up Mount Kilimanjaro – while guiding a group of blind men and women – a decision was made. This decision went on to shape their lives for the next six years and counting.

It was in the vast mountains of Tanzania that Sandquist and Cherilla made the choice to merge their skills and talents together to give rise to what is now known as K2 Adventures. Through K2 Adventures, co-founders Sandquist and Cherilla have made it a goal to work with individuals with disabilities and to cater them with resources and tools that oftentimes insurance companies cannot provide.

Based out of Scottsdale, Ariz., K2 Adventures has access to “the greatest backyard in the world,” as Sandquist says, offering guidance and training for hikers to traverse the world.

Uniting a passion for philanthropy, culture and community, Sandquist and Cherilla are elevating Arizona to a whole new level of humble.

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