NB|AZ Announces NB|AZ Charities

For more than 30 years, National Bank of Arizona has been a part of communities across the state. We work to provide Arizonans and Arizona businesses with banking and financial services that help ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and fuel the backbone of a strong economy—small to mid-size business lending. It’s what we do.

We do, however, believe that our business is much less about building a portfolio and more about building a community.

Since our founding in 1984, much has changed. The nation has experienced thrilling victories and devastating losses. Our state has weathered severe storms, both natural and manmade. But through it all, through great economic times and the Great Recession, one thing has remained the same—our commitment to Arizona.

Now, as we enter our next 30 years, NB|AZ is just as committed to the well being of Arizona and its people. Whether it is education, affordable housing, community services, arts and culture, health and human services, neighborhood revitalization and stabilization, or economic development, the issues facing our state are real.

To support those addressing those issues, NB|AZ is proud to announce the formation of NB|AZ Charities. This is the next logical step in the evolution of NB|AZ as a community builder. But we’re not alone.

This issue of ElevateAZ is dedicated to all the “Power Lifters” in our state who, through their passion and dedication are creating a better future for our children. These heroes are doing some of the heaviest lifting possible in both the nonprofit and for-profit segments of our economy. We celebrate their spirit of community building and encourage every Arizonan to follow their model.

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