Open for Business

As the only bank in town, the newly opened, full-service St. Johns branch of NB|AZ is a pretty popular place these days. Vicki Anderson, branch manager for the new Apache County location, as well as the Round Valley branch in Eagar, says business has been “ very, very busy,” with more than 100 new accounts being opened since the bank’ s debut last November at 860 W. Cleveland.

National Bank of Arizona St. Johns Branch“We’ve had a lot of support on the consumer side and from the merchants,” says Anderson, an 18-year veteran of NB|AZ who’s more than a little familiar with this picturesque part of eastern Arizona—she grew up in Eager and her father hails from St. Johns. “The whole community is really excited about it.”

And with good reason. With the closing of the town’s previous bank about two years ago, St. Johns’ residents who wanted to get change for their business or just simply cash a check have had to take an hour out of their day just to drive to the nearest bank 30 miles away, the Round Valley branch in the Eagar/Springerville area.

The local response to the new bank has been so positive, in fact, that there are already plans to expand the branch into the suite next door, says Anderson, who oversees a staff of three. She’s thrilled about that, as well as the opportunity to make customers’ lives a little easier.

Story by Gremlyn Bradley-Waddell
Photo by Bob Martinson

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