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NB|AZ® develops well-rounded lenders and credit professionals

Job seekers are encouraged to Come for the Job and Stay for a Career at NB|AZ. This invitation is at the forefront of the NB|AZ Credit Career Development Program (CCDP), which gives new graduates and aspiring financial professionals the opportunity to emerge into well-rounded, informed bankers. The paid rotational training program begins with participants focusing on credit learning experiences through the bank’s Credit Foundations program in Salt Lake City. Later in the program, candidates are matched with coaches from various credit departments and business lines. This rotational portion of the program provides participants with a realistic look inside different functions and roles to help guide individual career decisions and create a full understanding of the roles working together each day within our organization.

“We are committed to building a robust learning environment, focused on growing knowledgeable and confident future bankers for NB|AZ,” says Joy Antolini, EVP director of human resources.

Upon completion of the program, individuals are given the opportunity to apply for a rewarding career in such areas as business lending solutions, commercial lending, commercial real estate, corporate banking, private banking, special assets or credit administration.

“The experiences I had during the program allowed for many learning and growth opportunities in commercial lending,” said Robert Key, a CCDP participant. “This is the sort of program that gears you up for a career, instead of just a job.” “It’s big time and it’s fun,” says King. “Who doesn’t want to be voted the best of the best?”

In a further effort to develop future leaders in banking, NB|AZ offers a highly sought-after summer internship program. Designed for driven candidates who want to learn more about NB|AZ and gain professional banking experience, the 10-week program focuses on:

  • Hands-on experience at both the corporate center and branches;
  • Classroom and online training that supports new learning and strengthens core skill sets;
  • Participation in a Leadership Series in which interns can learn from executive and senior leaders about their career progression and leadership journey, and to share their area of responsibility and relevance to the business.

The internship program focuses on two areas of banking: retail and financial planning and analysis. In retail banking, interns learn the ways NB|AZ interacts with consumers and small businesses through such areas as deposits, lending and cash management. In financial planning and analysis, interns work collaboratively to prepare and analyze financial statements, forecasts, budgets and incentive plans.

“We hope that from this experience, the interns will solidify a relationship with NB|AZ, giving them reason to return after completing school to start a career with the bank,” says Julie-Ann Wilson, Vice President of Human Resources.


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