Rest Assured

Brandon Sparks and Paul MichaelAs president and founder of Easy-Rest Inc., Brandon Sparks makes sure customers get a good night’s sleep with one of his luxury memory foam mattresses. As a vice president of business banking at National Bank of Arizona, Paul Michael ensures that Sparks has all the financial tools he needs to, well, rest easy.

“Every business owner’s needs are unique,” Michael says. “I get to know my clients and provide them with a customized set of financial tools to help them save time, save money and move their business to the next level.”

Phoenix-based Easy-Rest and NB|AZ became banking associates in 2013. At the time, Sparks was building his business as a luxury mattress wholesaler and was faced with a big challenge: securing a line of credit that would allow him to cover the cost of large mattress orders.

Michael facilitated the line of credit and now Sparks is able to place— and pay for—large pre-orders, both domestic and international.

“NB|AZ believes in our business,” Sparks says. “Having them understand fluctuations in our purchasing has been really helpful. Without that line of credit, it would be very difficult to do business in the most efficient and profitable way. It’s important to have that lifeline when you need it.”

Sparks also praises NB|AZ for its customer service, whether working with Michael on financial goals or resolving day-to-day issues through his neighborhood branch.

Easy-Rest has experienced phenomenal growth since Sparks and his wife Amanda opened its doors in 2008. The company supports retailers throughout Arizona and the country, as well as domestic manufacturing. This year, Easy-Rest expects to see $20 million in sales. Michael and NB|AZ will be there every step of the way.

“We provide him with all the products and services to make his business operate smoothly,” Michael says. “Whatever he needs, we get it done quickly, efficiently and seamlessly.”

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