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At NB|AZ, the power of partnership drives business banking

Brent Cannon
Brent Cannon, Executive Vice President, Director of Community Banking at National Bank of Arizona

National Bank of Arizona (NB|AZ ) enjoys helping businesses grow and prosper. The bank offers a wide array of financial products to give businesses the tools they need to succeed.

“Business owners are the backbone of our community,” says Brent Cannon, Executive Vice President, Director of Community Banking. “Without them, we wouldn’t have the vibrant economy that we have.”

NB|AZ works with a diverse group of companies and entrepreneurs from every sector including restaurants, contractors and manufacturers. For Cannon, helping a company achieve its goals is all about building a solid partnership.

“A good banking relationship is based on a banker getting to know his or her client,” he says. “It doesn’t matter the industry or number of employees. We can bank with someone with less than $100,000 in sales up to $10 million.”

NB|AZ offers companies and entrepreneurs a wide variety of short- and long-term solutions.

“As a local relationship bank, it is our goal to assist business owners in achieving their business goals so we offer numerous products and services for them to choose from,” says Cannon.

Products include a multitude of credit options, plus checking and savings accounts with plenty of service enhancements for business owners. The bank helps businesses with cash flow management through online banking and merchant services, including a credit and debit card processing terminal, web-based payment and mobile credit card processing, electronic payments and fraud protection.

To help companies with business real estate financing, NB|AZ offers cash flow financing, a wide variety of loans and business and real estate financing, including leasing services.

The bank’s history of supporting the local community is reflected in its dedication to businesses.
“Being involved with the business owners means being involved from a community standpoint,” says Cannon. “Our employees are out in the community working side by side with many entrepreneurs and their employees to improve our community in building those relationships, not only from a business standpoint but from that volunteer community aspect.”

Cannon says getting to know business owners and entrepreneurs is the key to nurturing their success.

“I’m passionate about what we do for our business banking clientele and I truly believe that our bankers have a passion and a heart for that market segment,” says Cannon. “We care deeply about these individuals and we want them be successful and to grow and it’s exciting when that happens.”

Story by Leigh Farr
Photography by Mark Lipczynski

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