Treasury Essentials

NB|AZ helps Arizona businesses build robust cash flow strategies

Empowering local businesses to save time, boost cash flow and control risk are top priorities for the NB|AZ treasury management team. The knowledgeable staff is available to help companies reach their cash flow objectives by ensuring they have the most effective tools available to maximize and protect their funds.

“We try to have a dialogue where we try to be problem solvers for our businesses,” says Zak Wagner, NB|AZ treasury management sales manager and senior vice president. “We want to see how we can we help our clients with their cash flow cycle, alleviate some of the concerns they have, help with risk management, and then, at the same time, think of ways for them to accept payments faster and have those funds in their account that much quicker.”

Treasury management products and services help businesses effectively manage receivables, payables, merchant services, sweep solutions and fraud protection.

When it comes to receivables, the treasury management team is there to help clients lower operational and administrative costs, while ensuring funds are immediately available. Offering products that facilitate remote deposits any time of day; enable electronic payments from clients, suppliers and vendors; and provide competitive pricing for credit and debit card processing, the banking team empowers companies to bring down costs and simplify cash flow.

In the payables arena, the commercial banking team has an array of services to help clients maximize their funds, such as wire services, electronic transfer of funds, direct deposit, a commercial card for employees, and the ability to pay vendors without having to write a check or wire money.

“A lot of scenarios include getting clients to think about going electronic. So instead of cutting paper checks to stamp and mail to their vendors, we look at how we can do that electronically. This gives them more control, the process is more seamless, and they can set effective dates for those payments to take place,” says Wagner.

In the area of fraud protection, the treasury management team offers the latest technology and services to help clients keep their funds safe. One such service is Positive Pay, a fraud prevention tool that prevents check counterfeits, and alerts the client and bank when suspect transactions are made.

“We want to make sure we’re doing our part by educating our clients about things to keep an eye on both externally and internally, and having checks and balances in place,” says Wagner. “Positive Pay has special customizations on it that may be different from our competitors, such as the ability of our clients to build filters for how they want to accept payments. So it’s not just, ‘Here’s a product in a box, make it work for you.’ We try to figure out a way to make it work for that business.”

Story by Leigh Farr
Photography by Mark Lipczynski

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